so....... thanx to those of you who helped me with jordan but i have decided to just not talk to her that way i wont hurt her more and i wont have to apoligise........anyway heres whats happining wit me i mastered my extention... kind of.... and nowmy legs hurt, i went snowmobiling with my friends snowmobile and was gonna take my sled dogs for a run but it was to hot, so i just let our pupies run around for a while,today iwas looking through some old stuff and found a tape from when i lived in alaska it made me cry,lol how sad is that???:) but i gotta go to solo practice so cya :) (:


so i am having the most typical teenage problems ever my so called friend "jordan turned out to be a nasty skank, i know thats mean but ok come on shes mean,a snot and has a really bad rep. so by being friends with her i am starting things bout myself like im a whore now apparently-so me and my friend kaitlyn totally cut her off we ditched her,and well now of coarse i feel bad but now that im not friends with her i am becoming friends all the people iv wanted to be friends with and well i still just really dislike her sooooo much and now im cleaning my rep and i am making new friends but in the back of my mind i think i should apolagize but why sould i she never did to me ---- i dont know i just hate her------ end of story

:) (:

hi guys,ihavnt been onin a while lol very busy with my new solo im doing it to "held" i cant remember who its buy.......but any way what has everyone been up to? whose all doing solos and if so to what song????
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hey i have a question for anyone, right now i have like the worst cold ever and i had a dance thing today...i was really sick and messed up a few times... it wasnt all bad though i got a cookie after lol what do you guys do if you have to dance and you dont feel well,or how can i concentrate on dance and not on how sick i am???


so i really am sick now and we had this dance thing where we go to the community center and dance for the people and well im was sooo sick i couldnt concentrate and i messed up a few times and to make it worse my big sister nikki was watching me so i had to do good.... lol but it wasnt all bad i got a cookie after lol

so ya pretty sure

ummm so ya im pretty sure i had the best day!!!! i went to dance and we did this game thing called "the way" and it was ausome and then we had like a party and i went home and my sister nikki who is 19 and went to colage came home and was siting on my bed with this mountain of presents for the whole family!!!we spent the whole together an we even went to see this guy named kieth who has been our friend 4ever....... she made me show our dance rutines to them and we went home that may not be a big deal to you guys or anything butshes like a huge part of my life your probly thinking what does this have to do with dance but anfter that i was in such a good mood,,,,,,,I FINISHED MY SOLO YAY but now i have a problem i dont really lke my song so what should i do ???? should i just leave it or should i start over that recital isnt till like may soooooo what???

lol just my luck

so any way

so any way this morning i have to go get ready and dance for like 5 hours....... we are doing a recital soon and my dance teacher has this thing where she makes all of us spend all our free time there wich wouldnt be a bad thing if i didnt have like 3 huge tests coming up...ugggggg....i havnt study yet though of course because iv been there at the studio.... do you guys ever have to stay at your studios for so long it makes your brain hurt??im think im past that piont my legs hurt soooo bad

dance probems

so i was trying to make up my solo and came to a part in my song(karma)by alicia keys where i was having problems continuing plz help

ok so im standing with my knees bent bent over with my hand on the ground and my other hand on my back plz hepl me continue !!!!!!!!!!!!


well its just it

so i was sitting at this lunch table right nd just all out of nowhere my friend jordan starts crying and tell us all she wants & tried to kill herself, were all just really stuned and scared when we finally calm her down she tells us shes ok??? not true!!! 2 days l8er she comes to school and tells us she tried again to hang herself.... the thing is none of us knows if shes telling the truth shes been known to lie before like last year she told us she got a record deal and last month she says she is going to run the marathon.........please who ever reades this help me im only 13 and have NO idea what to do ........thanx